Critically assess the claim that Reductive Materialism is a superior worldview to Substance Dualism.

Upon first glance, a seemingly stalwart case may be made for the reductive materialist worldview. This essay will argue that whilst Reductive Materialism possibly can be the worldview that accurately encapsulates the essence of the reality we find ourselves in, Substance Dualism is a superior worldview to adopt as it accounts better for morality and... Continue Reading →


To what extent do the women in ‘Wuthering Heights’ conform to social expectations in Victorian England?

Within Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights we are able to see the way in which the different female characters either conform or oppose social expectations of women in Victorian England. The elder Catherine defies such social expectations initially and does carry this internally 'rebellious' nature on through her life, but she equally makes seminal life choices... Continue Reading →

To what extent were Christian ideas and beliefs critical in shaping the Abolition movement (1760 – 1833)?

FORMAT: Introduction Christian ideas and beliefs (Wilberforce and Sharp, Other notable Christians, Quakers) Economic reasons The Haitian Revolution Endnotes Bibliography   The British Abolition movement of the mid eighteenth to mid nineteenth century to bring about the end of the slave trade and slavery had a wide variety of factors that were seminal in shaping... Continue Reading →

‘To what extent is the resurrection of Jesus Christ a relevant event for someone in the 21st century?’

A recent BBC survey in Britain of 2,010 adults suggested that, regarding the resurrection of Jesus, only 17% of people believe the Bible version word-for-word while only 31% of Christians believe word-for-word the Bible version, rising to 57% among "active" Christians (those who go to a religious service at least once a month).[1] Additionally, from... Continue Reading →

Why we read

  In contemporary Western culture, the idea of reading of one’s own volition seems increasingly inconceivable, especially for millennials and other young people. Reading is frequently viewed as an antiquated, arduous, and even soporific chore that is to be undertaken only when absolutely necessary. Needless to say, the exponential increase of technology in our everyday lives is... Continue Reading →

A comparison of the ways in which Robert Frost explores journeys and choices in ‘Stopping by Woods’ and ‘The Road Not Taken’

In both ‘Stopping by Woods’ and ‘The Road Not Taken’, Frost widely explores the themes of choices and journeys. Two bases on which Frost expresses these concepts in the two poems is through ambiguity or uncertainty, and as being either definitive or continuous.   In ‘The Road Not Taken’ we are able to see the... Continue Reading →

Casablanca Review

Contrary to the majority of 21st century adolescents, when presented with the prospect of watching a black and white film I was filled with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement. I have come to discover that very often it is the films of the early to mid 20th century that, for want of advanced technological... Continue Reading →

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